Photography and Data Collection

We are your outsourced, in-house process that never suddenly quits or takes vacation.

Our certified Field Agents are professionally trained to provide creative, high quality vehicle photos, as well as visually verify each vehicle’s OEM data, equipment, and options to ensure accuracy and transparency. All of this data is synced to the vehicle on-site, and immediately becomes part of our Near-Time Network and export process. We find that this approach promotes the online shopper’s confidence and trust in your product, and helps build a customer’s mental ownership, all in a stunning online presentation.

No one gets Inventory from your lot to the Internet more quickly!

Custom Labels and Buyers’ Guides

We can provide a variety of custom interior and exterior, weatherproof vehicle labels, stickers, and New Car addendums in multiple size options to fit any application. Display CarFax, QR Codes, individualized equipment information, warranty disclosures, pricing, and much more!

Image Overlays

Adding a custom overlay to your photos helps promote your business’s brand, inform your customers, and entice them with additional information in a clean, uniform appearance. We can include a call-to-action banner, text, or graphic in a variety of styles to ensure that your business is represented accurately and seamlessly in each vehicle’s advertising.

Live Video Walk Around

We produce live, on-site video in High Definition, not just a series of images ‘stitched’ together. This allows a customer to view the vehicle in even more detail before setting foot on your lot. Our videos offer seamless CPO & CarFax integration, as well as Human Voiceover Interaction. These videos are then optimized to be Social Media, Mobile, and SEO friendly, so you can display the finished product on a variety of sites and social networks, increasing their visibility to potential buyers.